Van Helsinki from the trailer, with the Beretta.

The Beretta 92 variant was a gun used by Van Helsinki during Van Helsinki. It first appears in Van Helsinki's pocket during the meeting with Fay, and is drawn by Helsinki to cover Fay. Van uses this gun in the gunfight with Fay, and it then stays in his pocket until it is drawn again in the house along with the Uberti revolver. Van never gets a chance to use it, however, as he is knocked unconscious by Man. The Beretta never appears again, as it was presumably left on the floor of the house when Helsinki dropped it.

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Behind the scenes and trivia:

  • The Beretta was known as the 'Gun With No Name' by the cast and crew, referencing the Man With No Name from the Dollars trilogy..
  • It appears in Van Helsinki's pocket's during his meeting with Fay, even though it had never appeared during his loading-up scene directly before that.
  • When Van Helsinki draws it, it appears to be meant to be drawn left handedly, though Van simply curls his right hand round to reverse draw it, as he does with the M1911 in the final fight with Geoff.
  • The gun appears modelled after the fictional 'Auto-9' gun wielded by RoboCop in the 1987 film, and is amusingly appropriate for Van.