Fay aims the Beretta, from the trailer.

The Beretta Raffi ca appears four times in Van Helsinki. One, with an muzzle attachment is wielded by Inspector Someone-Who-Is-Not-David-Bowie in all of his scenes. Another is used by Van Helsinki to cover Fay under the table when they first meet. The third, and probably the most noticable, is used by Fay from when she makes a pact with Van Helsinki up to when she is captured. And finally, another Beretta appears when Woman tries to use it to shoot Svetlana, only for Svetlana to stab her before she can.

Used by:

Behind the scenes:

  • The Beretta was known as Bertha, and Big Bertha when it had its muzzle attachment.
  • It broke three times during filming.
  • This gun and the Beretta 92 varient replace the M9's and P99 in Van Helsinki's pockets during his meeting with Fay.
  • This gun is used by the most different people in the film at four. Next are the M9's at two each (and three between them).
  • Fay Loren also wields this weapon in Van Helsinki: What If, using it to shoot Van Helsinki.