The Dragunov is a Russian designated marksman's rifle carried by Sophia in the fanfictions Van Helsinki: Survival and Van Helsinki: Before the Storm, and by Van Helsinki in Van Helsinki: Over. Sophia uses it to shoot one street gang member in Survival to stop him shooting Van, and then shoots several henchmen to try and save Van Helsinki when he is captured by 'Vladimir' in Before the Storm. Certainly, it is on her back when she kills 'Vladimir' with her Colt Vest Pocket. Van uses the weapon in 'Over' to snipe Henry Trent in the shoulder and save Sophia. It is mentioned in Van Helsinki: Retcon that the police have recovered the Dragunov from Van's room.


Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • This weapon probably appears because of the fanfic writer's love of the Dragunov weapon.
  • Apparently, the Dragunov Sophia uses is equipped with some sort of red-dot, though these are rarely used on sniper weaponry. This could be explained through Sophia's lack of experience, which is mentioned.
  • Sophia appears to often end up being a marksman, although Van says she is not experienced.
  • Van seems to have borrowed the sniper rifle off Sophia during the events of Over.