Edward de Furta was a Chechen arms dealer who was the main adversary in the fanfiction Van Helsinki: Another Leap, and was mentioned in Van Helsinki: Before the Case. Edward is described by the Inspector as 'dangerous' and having been involved in 'cases from Cairo to Moscow'. Van Helsinki and Sophia are sent to deal with him, but Edward captures Sophia and forces Van to torture her, thinking Van is actually his undercover persona 'Jean Croche'. Edward flees when Van breaks free, but is caught up with by the detective. He tries to fight Van with a knife, but is disarmed and held over the balcony the two are fighting on. Edward screams for mercy, but Van drops him regardless.



Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • He is the first adversary besides Geoff that we see Van specifically have in a fanfiction, and the first chronologically to be killed by him.
  • Edward is described as having a goatee and moustache, and a ring of brown hair. From the description, it is possible the appearence is mildly based on the character of Mr. Karl Hertz from the film 'Shoot 'Em Up', which featured a morose, surly protagonist who used a large number of guns, a little like Van.
  • Edward is mentioned to be coughing up blood when Van catches up with him. Either he is ill enough from something to hawk up blood after intense running, or he was injured in the short fight following Van's breakout. Another possibility is that he was injured earlier, perhaps in the capture of Sophia.