Esmé Løren was the wife of Mr. Løren , and Fay Løren's mother, in the Original Draft. She was removed along with the flashback scene.

Early lifeEdit

Esmé was a psychiatrist who worked at one stage for the police department, probably alongside Inspector Someone-Who-Is-Not-David-Bowie . They had a daughter called Fay.


Mr. Løren unfortunately got involved in a 'spot of bother' during his gambling with a man named Geoff. Løren owed Geoff his soul, and Geoff arrived at his house to take it. However, Løren (possibly with Esmé using her contacts to get 'the best') had also called the police, and they sent Van Helsinki and Professor Ford to sort things out. Geoff, seeing the pair, killed Løren and Helsinki opened fire. In the confusion, both Esmé and Fay were presumed dead. Word of St. Paul says that Esmé, having heard the killing of Mr. Løren by Geoff, came out of the kitchen with a knife and stabbed Geff several times, causing him massive blood loss and his 'poofing' away. Esmé was, however, then killed by Van Helsinki in the crossfire.


Behind the scenesEdit

  • Esmé is the only two characters to never been seen or heard on screen, but still have a name (Mr. Loren is never given a first name)
  • Along with the novelty themed stripper and Mr Loren , she was one of two people to have a small role in the plot and never be seen or heard.
  • In the original script, her role was a little larger, as instead of a narration about the Loren Case, the audience would see a flashback and hear it happen.
  • Esme was cut from the final film, as the flashback scene was removed, so even her name does not now appear.