Man with Franco

'Franco' was the name given by Man to the baseball bat he wielded while being mind-controlled by Geoff Vampire. This was used to knock out Van Helsinki, and then was wielded against Svetlana. However, Man's general lack of skill with 'Franco' meant that he in fact smashed Van Helsinki in the face with it. Man and Jim swopped weapons during the fight, meaning 'Franco' was wielded by Jim for the latter half of the battle. 'Franco' was left on the ground by Jim when he and Man were freed from Geoff's mind-control.


Behind the scenes and trivia:

  • 'Franco' was named by Man's actor.
  • 'Franco' was named on screen (albeit very subtly) when Man croons the name after having his blood sucked, and after he knocks out Van Helsinki.
  • Man has a habit of caressing 'Franco' at odd moments in the film.