The Keyboard, played by Geoff in the trailer.

The Keyboard was a keyboard played by Geoff Vampire and also used by him as a makeshift weapon during the final act of Van Helsinki. Geoff is first seen playing it as Van Helsinki approaches him in the churchyard. He carries it throughout much of their conversation, but when Van Helsinki tries to stake him, Geoff lashes out with the keyboard, knocking Van off his feet. Geoff drops the keyboard for the rest of this fight, and when Van eventually wins, the keyboard is not picked up by him, meaning it is assumedly still lying in the churchyard.


Behind the scenes and trivia:

  • The original keyboard was not meant to be used as a weapon, but when the final fight took place outside there was no real way for Geoff to drop the keyboard to punch Van, so it was decided to hit Helsinki with the keyboard instead, then drop it.
  • The keyboard is actually a plug-in one, so asumedly Geoff had hot-wired it to play with batteries.
  • Geoff plays the keyboard in the fanfictions Van Helsinki: Mind of Madness and Van Helsinki: What If. In the latter, he uses it as a weapon, attacking Woman with it.