The Magnum, from the poster.

The Magnum is a heavy calibre revolver used by Fay Løren. It first appears on her hip during the phonecall sequence with Van Helsinki, and stays in her left thign holster throughout the movie. Mostly notably, it is used by her to threaten and then in the duel with Van Helsinki, and also in the gunfight with Man and Jim.

Used by:

Behind the scenes and trivia:

  • The Magnum was called 'Clint' after Clint Eastwood.

    Gay Clint 'making a run for it'.

  • It had a habit of falling out of its holster during action shots, and this, along with it being described as 'a bugger' for doing so, made it a running joke that 'Clint' was gay.
  • It is also the orginator of the line 'How does one cock a Clint?'.
  • Clint disappears out of Fay's holster in several shots, because it constantly fell out during action sequences.
  • See also Magnum revolver (fanfiction) for the weapons use in fanfiction.