Van Helsinki holding Norty Nigel

Norty Nigel was a double barrelled shotgun and one of the main weapons of Van Helsinki. It is first seen in Van Helsinki's bedroom, and then next appears when he takes it out of his car boot and carries it into the village. Van fires it twice, once at Jim and then again to try and hit Geoff (who merely 'poof's' out of the way). The shotgun is lost when Helsinki places it on a window ledge when he goes upstairs to hunt for Geoff.

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Behind the scenes and trivia:

  • The shotgun is the only gun where the real world nickname from the crew is also in the film. The original line for Van's entry to the house was simply 'Good evening'.
  • Norty Nigel was also the first weapon to be named by the cast and crew.
  • Nigel moves from shoulder to shoulder in between shots, when Helsinki first shoulders the shotgun, it is on his left shoulder, in subsequent shots it appears across both, and then it moves onto his right shoulder in the phone box.
  • NortyNigelShoot

    Van brandishes Nigel, about to shoot Jim

    Interestingly, the shotgun was abandoned in the house, despite it being a good room-clearing weapon. This is probably because Van Helsinki had no shells for it (he is never seen reloading).