The Operator was a (now cut) minor character in Van Helsinki .

Final filmEdit

The Operator only appears once in the final cut of Van Helsinki, though he originally had two scenes. In the final draft, the Operator appears when Svetlana rings 999 to report Geoff's attack. He hands her over to the Ethan (the Police Operator), who is only in the next room. It is unknown what he or the Police Operator thought of the call and it's unexpected cutoff.

Other sceneEdit

If the Original Ending had been followed, then the Operator would have appeared in the final scene to be told by the Police Operator that the job waa finished. He tells Ethan to 'send his regards' and leaves. This scene was cut in the final stages of the filming due to the jar with the way the penultimate scene (the final showdown) played out.


Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • The Operator, along with Mr. Løren and the Police Operator, were the only characters who had lines who were cut from the finished film.