Van Helsinki arrives at the Red Herring Church

The Red Herring Church was the pivotal location where Van Helsinki and Geoff Vampire's history begun and ended.

The FeteEdit

The Church played host to a fete in which Geoff won a cuddly duck which Van Helsinki felt was rightfully his. This sparked off the rivalry between the two of them, althuogh it seems that Geoff was unaware that this was why Van hated him.

The MatchbookEdit

For unknown reasons (possibly involving the Creepy Man, given that he both appeared soon after the matchbook was taken and obviously knew Van Helsinki had it) a matchbook for the Red Herring Church ended up in the phonebox that Van Helsinki was contacted by Fay on. Van, used to police evidence, pocketed the matchbook.

Creepy ManEdit

After being freed from the brainwashing, Van Helskni and Fay headed outside. The Creepy Man appeared and told them that Geoff Vampire was to found where the matchbook came from, namely, the Red Herring Church. Van, now rendered unstable by the combination of brainwashing, death and un-death, and being so close to Geoff twice without being able to kill him, refused to let Fay go to the church with him, when she protested, he killed her and ran to the Church (Word of God says 2.5 miles).

The Final ShowdownEdit

Geoff and Van met at the Red Herring Church. It was now that Geoff finally realised that all of Helsinki's attempts to kill him were just over that duck. Geoff called out Van on this, which started an argument. This quickly became a fight, which Geoff began easily winning. Evenetually, Van managed to turn the tables and stake the vampire. Battered and bruised, with a probably broken hand, Helsinki pulled himself up and left the Red Herring Church, never to return.


Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • In the original draft, Fay was supposed to appear and save Van Helsinki, but other commitments kept the actress playing her from returning to shoot the scene, prompting a re-write.
  • The showdown originally took place inside the church, but this was rejected due to religious considerations.