SIG-Sauer P230

The SIG-Sauer P230 is a compact pistol carried by Sophia during the fanfictions Van Helsinki: PreparationsVan Helsinki: All the Hearts, Van Helsinki: Sophia's Plea and in Van Helsinki: Over. Sophia places the weapon in her 'brassiere holster' during Preparations. It was carried in her jacket pocket during her presumed date with Van Helsinki in All the Hearts, and had been modified to have a 'main-body' magazine release, instead of a heel-mounted one as on the normal pistol. Van reaches out to check the pistol is there, making Sophia wonder if he is planning on 'trying something', but he is only interested in what she is carrying. In Sophia's Plea, Sophia hid the weapon under her pillow, but Van knew this, and had secretly removed the magazine. However, he had forgotten about the single bullet in the chamber, which was used by Sophia to shoot Van in the gut. The SIG was dropped by Sophia before she and Van began to talk. Sophia later uses the weapon during Over, held in her right hand and dual wielded with her USP, to shoot several of Henry Trent's men. She drops it when she is shot in the arm. The weapon was recovered by the police by the time of Van Helsinki: Retcon.


  • Sophia (Preparations, All the Hearts, Sophia's Plea, Over)

Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • The SIG-Sauer is presumably Sophia's backup weapon for her USP pistol.