If you were looking for the different scenes (as this wiki calls them) of Van Helsinki , you will find them here.

The word 'scene' is used in three ways:

  • One: For the ten arbitary groups of script scenes (Type Three) that have been compiled on this wiki (e.g. Personal? is a Type One scene).
  • Two: For individual sections (so, the final fight is a Type Two scene, as is the gunfight between Fay and Man and Jim).
  • Three: The final ('numbered') script (shown here) uses 'scene' to distinguish different locations. Type Three 'scene' is never used on this wiki, but it is used in the actual script.

To tell the difference between a Type One and Type Two scene:

  • Has it got a hyperlink? If it has, it'll be a Type One.
  • Does it reference a specific event (the final fight scene) or location (the scene in the shed)? If it does, it'll be a Type Two.

In all truth, as both Type One and Type Two are used here (and Type Three is in the actual script), it matters little which is used, as all three are valid. However, do not make links from Type Two scenes to the Type One scene they feature in, as it is hard to tell where the Type Two scene will be in the entire Type One scene script. If you see this having been done, please correct it (by removing the link).