Van Helsinki holding the stake.

The stake makes two appearences in Van Helsinki. It is first seen wielded by Fay during the 'tooling-up montage' and stays in her belt for most of the sceens after that. It disappears when she is captured. Van Helsinki assures her that he 'comes prepared', and later events show he has at least two stakes. Van uses his when he first attempts and then succeeds in staking Geoff Vampire in the churchyard. It is unexplained as to whether he has two or more stakes in total.

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Behind the scenes and trivia:

  • Both stakes were 'played' by the same real stake.
  • Originally Van Helsinki was meant to wield a 'steak' but this had to be cut due to hygeine concerns.
  • The stake/ steak combo was also going to be used by Fay to kill Geoff, but when shooting schedules made this impossible and Fay was cut from the final fight this plan was abandoned.
  • The two stake/steaks were referred to as the 'saucy steak' and the 'stabby stake' during shooting.