The Duck (with Franco atop it)

The Duck was a major plot point, an in-joke and an easter egg in Van Helsinki.

The Duck was first mentioned as being won by Geoff Vampire in the fete at the Red Herring Church. Van Helsinki , who was also at the fete, felt that Geoff had cheated to win the duck, and this sparked the lifetime of hatred between the two.

The Duck is again mentioned at the end, when the last words of the film are Van Helsinki's "That duck was mine" after he has staked Geoff.

The duck can also be seen in several scenes of Van Helsinki.

They are:

  • On the mantelpiece of Man and Woman's living room.
  • On the bird table outside the house's front door.
  • On a gatepost when Jim and Svetlana are lost.
  • Inside the microwave of the house.
  • Inside the teapot on Geoff's table.
  • In Woman's apron pouch during the swordfight.

Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • The duck was originally planned to be in the last scene, but the prop duck was forgotten when filming began, forcing changes.
  • The duck prop was a chew-toy for dogs which had been used for another (stage) production before Van Helsinki.
  • It is possible the duck was killed by Svetlana when she stabbed Woman, as the sword went through the creature.