The Løren Case is part of the background and backstory of Van Helsinki , and is effectively the second of the two pre-film events which set off the plot of the film itself.

The CaseEdit

The Løren Case began when Mr. Løren, some kind of compulsive gambler, got involved in a 'spot of bother' during his gambling with a man named Geoff. Løren ended up owing Geoff his soul, and Geoff arrived at his house to take it. Geoff himself needed Løren or his soul for his Machiavellian schemes. However, Løren also called the police force, where his wife Esmé had worked for some time. The police responded by dispatching Van Helsinki (reputedly the best they had) and Professor Ford to sort things out. Helsinki, unbeknownst to the police, had his own agenda, as he and Geoff went 'way back' and Helsinki thought it was time to settle scores with the vampire. However, by the time these two had arrived at the house Geoff was already there. Upon meeting Geoff, Helsinki assumed that Geoff was here for him, a totally erroneous assumption. Geoff nonetheless killed Mr. Løren, in front of his young daughter Fay before Van could intervene. Helsinki instigated a firefight in which both Esmé and Fay were presumed dead, but Geoff escaped. Van himself, according to Word of St. Paul , shot Esmé dead. Van refused to explain what had happened in the house, as apparently did Professor Ford, leading to him being expelled from the force. All three Lørens were presumed dead, though Helsinki noted that 'they never found the daughter's body'. This was, in fact, because she never died that day.

Aftermath and reprecussionsEdit

Helsinki was fired from his job and told to lie low after the events of the case. Fay Løren escaped the bloodbath and swore a vendetta against Geoff for killing her father, not aware that Helsinki had killed her mother. Geoff, aware that Fay was still alive, began hunting her to use in his schemes, due to him not being able to use her father as he (Geoff) had killed him.

Participants in the CaseEdit

Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • This was one of the only parts of the final script to be reworked or cut while filming, along with the Original Ending.
  • This was the only part of the script to be done only in flashback form.
  • This marked the only appearance of Mr. Løren (as a voice) in the script.