Svetlana, with Tom

Three different swords were used in Van Helsinki. All were wielded by Svetlana during the fight in Geoff's lair.

The TantoEdit

The Tanto, the shortest of the three blades, was thrown at Geoff's control panel, stopping his countdown to the moment where he would trasnport the shed to Stevenage.

The WakizashiEdit

The Wakizashi was dual wielded along with the katana while Svetlana fought Man, Jim, Fay, Van Helsinki and Woman. This was the sword swung into the control panel, freeing everyone from their brainwashing.

The KatanaEdit


Geoff, holding Tom and being menaced by Harry

The Katana was used along with the wakizashi for defeating and 'killing' Fay, Man, Jim, Woman and Van Helsinki. It was then used to threatren Geoff (until he teleported).


Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • The swords (in ascending height order) were called Tom, Dick and Harry.