Part of the Village

The Village was the site of Man and Woman's house , and where Geoff Vampire concocted his scheme to return to his home galaxy of Stevenage.

The Village (never named in the film) is the first location seen in Van Helsinki. It is where almost all of the action takes place in the film, and has several major features within it which are seen in the film:

The village appears to be haunted, though for how long is never specified (whether because of Geoff or not, remains unknown). Dead bodies, Abraham Lincoln, Chupacabras and Bigfoot have all apparently been seen there. Van calls it 'one of those lost it all border villages'.

The village is the centre of Geoff Vampire's schemes, though quite why he chose this area is never specified. It seems likely that he simply followed Svetlana (thinking she was Fay) and somehow guessed she would stop at the village.


Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • The village was entirely filmed at Helton in Cumbria.