USP Compact

The USP Compact is a German pistol carried by Fay Loren in the fanfiction Van Helsinki: What If, and by Van Helsinki in the fanfic Van Helsinki: Before the Storm

What IfEdit

It is concealed in Fay's bosom and is drawn and used against Professor Ford and Inspector Somone-Who-Is-Not-David-Bowie, killing the latter. Fay eventually runs out of bullets with the weapon, and is disarmed of it by Ford.

Before the StormEdit

Van Helsinki takes the USP from a goon who attacks him in his hotel room. He fires through the door, then hides under the bed and shoots the men who follow him in. Van uses his last shot to finish off one of the wounded men. He discards the weapon for a Browning Hi-Power before his leap from the window.


Behind the scenesEdit

  • The weapon was probably used due to the author of the fanfiction's liking for the USP range of weapons, and the lack of such a gun in the film.