USP pistol

The USP is a German gun used by Sophia and Van Helsinki in the fanfictions Van Helsinki: First Case, Van Helsinki: SurvivalVan Helsinki: Before the Case, Van Helsinki: All the HeartsVan Helsinki: Sophia's Plea and Van Helsinki: Over. Van and Sophia carry the weapon as their duty guns, though Van abandons his prior to Before the Case, claiming it is too heavy. Van seems to have trained with the weapon, as he uses and carries one in 'First Case', set not long after he joins the police academy. He is still carrying one in Survival, but he fumbled his draw and loses it. Sophia apparently carries her USP down her top at one time. Van takes this USP and uses it when Sophia is drugged. She discards the weapon in favour of a Beretta 92FS at some point prior to the events of Van Helsinki, but then reclaims it after she loses her Beretta during Van Helsinki: Interim. Sophia leaves it on her bedside table, drawing it when she has nightmares. She attemps to use it against Van Helsinki, but he takes the gun off her. She also wields it against Henry Trent and his assassins, but drops it when she is shot. Henry Trent tries to grab it, but is killed before he can. The weapon was recovered by the police by the time of Van Helsinki: Retcon.


  • Sophia (Before the Case, Sophia's Plea, Over)
  • Van Helsinki (First Case, Survival, Before the Case/Mentioned, All the Hearts, Sophia's Plea)

Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • The USP, like the USP Compact used by Van and Fay in various other fanfics, is probably inspired by the author, who has a great liking for USP weaponry.
  • The USP would appear to be one of the designated weapons for carry among the police force, as evidenced by both Van and Sophia having used it at one time or another.
  • Word of God says Van's USP, at least, was chambered in 9mm.