An Uberti revolver, of a similar sort as used by Van Helsinki

The Uberti break-action revolver was used by Van Helsinki throughout the first half of Van Helsinki. It first appears when Helsinki is walking through the village, and is used to fight off the tumbleweed attacks. Van clears the phonebox with it, and throws it into the grass. The revolver is drawn again while searching the house, even though Helsinki never gets a chance to use it. Van drops the revolver when the lights go out, and it is lost when he is knocked unconscious by Man.

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Behind the scenes and trivia:

  • The revolver was nicknamed 'Sundance' after the Sundance Kid.
  • It was originally meant to be dual wielded along with Clint by Fay, but didn't fit in the thigh holster.
  • The revolver is never taken out of the car by Van Helsinki. Word of St. Paul says he carried it in his coat permanently.
  • The revolver also disappears in the shots with Fay at the picnic table. Word of St. Paul surmises that it is merely buried deep in one of Helsinki's pockets.
  • Van also never picks up the revolver when he runs out of the phone box. He presumably returned to get it after failing to catch Creepy Man.