Van Helsinki: All the Hearts was a fanfiction on, detailing an implied date between Van Helsinki and Sophia.




Van and Sophia go for a semi-date together. Van turns up late, and when he does arrive he only seems interested in what guns Sophia is carrying. Sophia is ready to leave, and wondered why she came, but Van suddenly looks into her eyes and she is transfixed by him. The moment is broken by a noise making him look away, but she remembers why he has broken the hearts of so many women.

Connections to other worksEdit

  • Van's relationship to Sophia has been mentioned in various other fanfictions by the same author.
  • Sophia's claim in Van Helsinki: Sophia's Plea that Van loved her, combined with his calling her 'darling Sophia' in Van Helsinki: Before the Storm, is here emphasised by the implication that the two have slept together.
  • Van's use of a shoulder holster to carry his 1911, is a clear reference to his weapon of choice in the film.
  • Likewise, the mention of Van's 'Glock' is almost certainly the Glock 19 he used in Van Helsinki: Before the Storm, which he abandoned when it jammed on him.
  • Interestingly, this is one of the first fanfictions where Van carries over two guns.
  • The quote from Geoff Vampire at the beginning, and the title, reference a line from the film about 'all the hearts you've broken'. The quote is from the script.
  • Interestingly, Van is described as wearing a suit in this fanfiction, which he apparently wore all the time, except when he slept. Possibly this was his preferred attire when not on a job.
  • This fanfiction is estmiated to take place sometime after Van Helsinki: One Night, which was one of Van's cases with Ford, as Van shows boredom and little interest in Sophia during both this date and the end of One Night.