Van Helsinki: Sophia's Calls is a fanfiction on, detailling the escape of Sophia, one of the police officers who was sent into the village before Van Helsinki.




Sophia, badly injured, crawls through the village back to where the Inspector waits for her. As she goes, she remembers Geoff throwing her out of the window of the house, beaking her leg, and Man and Jim shooting her in thr gut. She looks at the photographs she has taken from the event. Sophia is found by Professor Ford, and explains she was attacked by 'Demons. Vampires. Hitmen'. Ford calls the Inspector, and Sophia tells Ford to get Van Helsinki on the case, and then faints. Ford tells the Inspector that Sophia will live with medical attention, and the Inspector tells her to get Van.

Connection to the original filmEdit

  • The Inspector tells Van about officers who came out 'ranting and raving about demons and the like'.
  • Sophia carries photographs with her, which may be the photos Van studies before he enters the village.
  • Sophia appears in the fanfiction Van Helsinki: Before the Storm, and this fanfic may explain why she is not present in Van Helsinki.