Van Helsinki Main Poster

Two posters for Van Helsinki exist.

Main PosterEdit

The main poster for Van Helsinki depicts the entire cast of Van Helsinki. Geoff is largest and looms over the other players, Van and Fay take up the space underneath him and the rest of the cast (barring Creepy Man) are underneath them. Below them is the title 'Van Helsinki' and then the tagline 'Shoot First, Shoot Again Later'.



  • Magnum (held by Fay)
  • M9 (held by Man)
  • Mop (held by Jim)
  • M1911 (in Van's holster, unseen)


  • Creepy Man is the only character who does not appear on the poster.

Teaser PosterEdit

Teaser Trailer

Van Helsinki Teaser Poster

The teaser poster for Van Helsinki was released alongside the teaser trailer. It depicts Van Helsinki smoking, with the title 'Van Helsinki Coming Soon' below.


Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • In the main poster, only the pictures of Van Helsinki, Geoff and Woman were taken for the poster, all the other pictures are cut from the actual film. This is noticeable expecially in the cases of Man and Van Helsinki. Man is clearly from the shootout scene between him, Jim and Fay. Van, by contrast, has clearly had changes to his costume, as handkerchiefs of red and blue colours are visible on both forearms.